Sunday, February 12, 2012

Running away....

Sometimes I wish I could just run away.... far away.... be on my own to do what I want to do.

I love my kids and grandkids but....

Today my daughter once again started "planning" my future. When I "soon" retire, she wants me to watch her kids 3 times a week. I already promised to be available Friday afternoons, but another 2 days? Even if it's just an hour between school and when she comes home..... she is RESTRICTING me! I told her I can't promise anything, I have to wait and see how things are when I stop working. Of course she reacted as expected: " waht kind of grandma are you? Other grandmas would JUMP at the chance to babysit!"

I just don't want to commit to anything.... why doesn't she understand that? Looks like I'm in the dog house again, but to tell the truth... I don't care..... (I think).


  1. You could charge her a fee. :)

    Actually, when my mother and I looked after my sister’s two children – my nieces – for Monday to Friday (day and night; my sister lived too far away to collect them daily) on alternate weeks, it turned out to be a rather rewarding experience. It was seven years out of my life – three and a half years for each of them – but I didn’t regret it. You might find yourself feeling the same after you’ve given the Friday afternoon idea a try.

  2. thanks Simon for the feedback. Actually, I don't mind watching them.... they are such lovely kids! And I do plan to do a lot more with them when I retire. I just don't like my daughter planning my life for me! I want to pick my own times. I'm there when there's an emergency, but I just don't want to commit YET.


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